ex-WRAAF Vic Group September 2014 edition

06/02/2016 at 4:47 pm

SEPTEMBER 2014 Edition
Well, here I am running late again. The only consolation I can take is that I did most of this edition in September. I just
seem to have been snowed-under since then. I find I wear so many hats and sometimes it becomes difficult to prioritise the
time I need to devote to each.
Since my children were teenagers and became members of the Australian Air Force Cadets (or the Air Training Corps as
it was known at the time) I became involved with that organisation. After twenty years from my discharge from the WRAAF
I went back into uniform. I was lucky that I had kept close contact with the RAAF thanks to a serving husband, so it wasn’t
quite the culture shock it could have been. The changes had been an on-going part of my life. I stayed with the AAFC until I
reached the age limit and since then have continued as a Civilian Instructor. I am the Finance Officer / Administration Officer
for the flying flight in Victoria. That is a continuous job, monitoring the payments almost every day of the week plus preparations
of the invoices etc.
Both Ron and I are also civilian instructors for the logistics area and we have been extremely busy lately. We have to vacate
the building we are in and move to another location which seems to have required us to work three or four days a week
instead of the one day. Still the end is sin sight.
I also belong to my local unit of Australian Red Cross, which doesn’t take up as much of my time. If a group of local people
come along and indicate they want to take up the challenge we are willing to step aside. Almost all of our members are
my age and looking for the younger generation to take on the task. However community service is obviously becoming a
thing of the past. I was reading in our local paper this week that my local branch of Apex has closed due to inability to falling
numbers and people who are willing to give their time to their community. A sad aspect of modern day life.
I often express my thanks to my WRAAF training as it taught me to be organised and many of the skills I now use in my
current interests.
In between time I am very involved in tracing my family history. I find it so fascinating to learn what my forbears did
with their lives and how they were affected by their times. I would love to be an invisible observer in so many events to hear
the conversations and see just what went on. To see how they lived and where they lived. My prime piece of the jigsaw
would be to learn just when and where my grandparents landed in Australia. We just can’t find that fact.
Then when I get some spare time I would love to get myself on the sewing machine and knitting needles / crochet hooks.
That is one of my interests that has had to take a back seat for far too long.
Normally, I don’t hold forth on myself as I have just been doing, but this edition I am finding it more difficult to fill the
newsletter. I do seem to write like I talk. So I guess you could add talking as another of my interests. Ask my husband and I
am sure he will tell you I could talk the leg of an iron pot (as the saying goes), but I enjoy a good chinwag.
The Times They Are A-Changin’
A week ago I attended an End-of-an-Era function – The Closure of the Sergeants’ Mess at RAAF Williams
Laverton. A little over a year ago instructions were given to merge the Officers’ and the Sergeants’ Messes at
Laverton. The instructions were obeyed, but after a while a reprieve was granted and the SNCOs returned to
their ‘spiritual’ home if only in a limited capacity. Both messes had in the interim lost their dining-rooms and all
ranks now dine at the mess many of you would have known as the Airman’s Mess. It has become the only dining
room on the base. So on returning to the SGTS Mess there was limited bar service available and almost all
of the accommodation had disappeared.
Now the decision has irrevocably been made to create the Combined Officers and Sergeants Mess (COSM)
and the SNCOs decided to say farewell in typical fashion with a grand Spit Roast and a review of the history of
the mess. The memorabilia has been moved to the Officer’s Mess and will have pride of place in that building.
Shortly the SNCO Mess building will be demolished.
The farewell night was great for those who have had long connections with the mess. My husband (a former
CMC at Point Cook and Edinburgh) met several people whom he had known with his close connection to Laverton.
Farewell and thanks for the good times. Now there are newer traditions to be created—a new era has begun.
A sign of the times—this will surely happen at most, if not all, bases.
It is hard to believe it is almost Christmas, the time seems to go so fast the older we get.
Firstly, congratulations to Margaret Campbell on being named as the ‘Wyndham City’s 2014 Citizen
of the Year’. (The City of Wyndham is centred on Werribee Victoria and Margaret, as reported
in a previous newsletter, is a fellow ex-WRAAF.)
I’m afraid this year has been my ANNUS HORRIBULUS. The only thing that hasn’t happened to me this year is
being hit by a bus, but I’m thinking of taking public transport so I can knock that off my bucket list.
Just a quick summary of my woes—in February I had a bout of pneumonia, April I came out in a rash that I am
still trying to eradicate. Next I lost my Brother, then on the 30th of May I had a TIA and I’m having surgery on a
hernia this month. Hey, I’m still here and I still have my sense of humour so desperation hasn’t sunk me to the
Don’t forget the next Luncheon is at Ringwood RSL. It is almost directly opposite the Ringwood station plus there
is plenty of parking available on site which makes for ease of access for all. I hope to see you there if the bus
doesn’t get me first.
Some of you will already have read the following editorial in the Sydney ex-WRRAF Newsletter, but just
in case it is food for thought.
“Where is this once great country I grew-up in heading? When are the views of the fair dinkum Aussies
to be heard, including those of our politicians and church leaders? Despite the black flags of Islamic State
being flown and the idiotic hate being spewed from the mouths if some in places like Lakemba in Sydney,
nothing is being done to deter these so-called ‘Australians’. I have had enough of the bleeding hearts
and PC brigade telling me we must be tolerant and compassionate towards those intent on turning our
country into another nation destroyed by these cowardly barbarians. The average Aussie is too laid back
and apathetic and thinks ‘she’ll be right mate’. Remember those who fought and died to keep us free and
safe, and speak up to your politicians and church leaders, who apparently haven’t got the bottle to speak
for the majority, or one day it will be too late for those left after we leave this mortal coil. I for one have
no intention of ‘converting or die’. I read somewhere words to the effect that ‘evils succeeds when good
men do nothing’, and wonder whether those who fled to the top of that mountain and the Christians being
slaughtered in the middle-East had heard those words. If you disagree with my views, perhaps you should
take a crash-course in Arabic now. Why do the leaders of these people call themselves ‘Australian Muslims’?
The rest of us call ourselves Australian, not Australian Christians, atheists, Buddhists, etc. my
church tells me we should turn the other cheek, but you can only do this so many times before you become
punch-drunk. A must read for all concerned Aussies is ‘Salute to Denmark’ online—very concerning.
If I have offended anyone (apart from Islamic State followers, I apologise. Perhaps I should ask God
to keep His are around my shoulder and His hand over my big mouth and writing hand—what do you
If you need to make contact with the Queensland Branch at any time and you have access to email, life is a little simpler
now. You don’t need to know the name of the executive office-holder on their committee but can email them by the alias.
For example if you want to contact the secretary send it to secretary@wraaf.org.au. The same applies to the president and
treasurer by using that position in the address. This should make life simpler and save having to regularly update address
books and contact lists.
WAAAF & WRAAF 1951-1952
(CPL Course 2)
Still, we can only spread the news if you pass it on to us.
Wyndham City’s Citizen of the Year
Werribee resident Margaret Campbell is Wyndham City’s 2014 Citizen of the Year, receiving the honour at the Wyndham
Community Volunteer Awards dinner held on 22nd August, 2014.
Margaret was recognised for her outstanding volunteering contribution of almost 50 years, which continues today
through her active membership of 15 community organisations. Her interests are wide and varied and she is regarded as a
friend and mentor to many. Margaret is particularly known for her advocacy regarding Aboriginal rights, and as an advocate
for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers.
A lady who leads a full and busy life.
In typical ex-WRAAF tradition we add our salute to Margaret.
We are proud of you.
We know there are many more very busy ladies out there.
Why not tell us how you fill your life so we can let everyone
know. Don’t hide your talents – we are all marvellous people.
Margaret has been a board member of the Wyndham Community
and Education Centre for 15 years, eight of which
were spent as either chair or vice chair. For the past 16 years,
she has been a member of the committee of management of
the Wyndham Community Arts Alliance, sat on the advisory
body for the development of the Wyndham Cultural Centre
and is a long-time member of Aboriginal advocacy organisation,
Margaret’s passion for poetry and literature has led her to
publish extensively, writing on the history of Wyndham, most
notably on migrant and local history. She has contributed to
several literary organisations, including the Western Women
Writers, the Fellowship of Australian Writers and the Werribee
and District Historical Society. Another significant contribution
is her work with a young writer’s group in Wyndham,
mentoring, teaching and developing a love of literature in
young people.
PRESIDENT — June Gospel (nee Hoy) Brenda Douglas victorian.exwraaf@gmail.com
SECRETARY —- Ann Steele (nee Dodds) 41 Bourke Crescent
EDITOR —- Brenda Douglas (nee Whiting) Hoppers Crossing Vic 3029
DIANNE PATTERSON , Course 144 Telop at RAAF Laverton is
boing sought by Margaret O”Heir (Rose) 07 4936 4816
Fay Ison is seeking info on anyone of Courses 12, 28, 34, 35, 38,
after 1500 hrs on 07 3816 0906.
ROSIE FINN, Dentast, served during the 70’s and originally from
Brisbane is being sought by Pamela Ritter of the Brisbane Branch.
Lyn Mitchell is looking to make contact with IRIS KATHLEEN
Ringwood RSL at 1200 hrs on Sunday 31 August 2014.
This venue is ideally located directly opposite the Ringwood Railway Station (don’t forget those with Seniors Cards have
free transport on Sundays). The club is on the corner of Station and James Street Ringwood and for those driving there is
plenty of parking behind the club.
Melways Map 49 Grid Reference H9
I have just received a report of another memorial to visit. It has
been highly recommended. This is the AFGHANISTAN AVENUE
OF HONOUR and is located at Yungaburra overlooking
Lake Tinaroo near Atherton (south-west of Cairns for those not
familiar with Queensland locations).
I received a few photographs but especially liked this one. We
all willingly salute our service personnel, especially those who
paid the supreme price, but we should also salute those dogs
who gave their lives and service—after all they had no choice.
The dedication is most apt.
If you are planning to be in the area this might be a place to add
to you list of places to go.
An email currently doing the rounds contains complaints apparently
made to councils in Britain by ratepayers. Here are some of the ones
we can safely print.
1. I wish to report that tiles are missing from the outside toilet
roof. I think it was bad wind the other day that blew them off.
2. My lavatory seat is cracked. Where do I stand?
3. The toilet is blocked and we cannot bath the children until it
is cleared.
Tickle the Funny Bones
A husband and wife are sitting quietly in bed
reading when the wife looks over at him and
asks the question:
“What would you do if I died? Would you
get married again?”
Husband: “Definitely not.”
Wife: “Why not? Don’t you like being married?”
Husband: “Of course I do.”
Wife: “Then why wouldn’t your remarry?”
Husband: “OK, OK, I’d get married again.”
Wife: “Would you live in our house?’
Husband: “Sure, it’s a great house.”
Wife: “Would you sleep with her in our
Husband: “Where else would we sleep?’
Wife: “Would you let her drive my car?”
Husband: “Probably, it is almost new.”
Wife: “Would you give her my jewellery?”
Husband: “No, I’m sure she’d want her
Wife: “Would you take her golfing?”
Husband: “Yes, those are always good
Wife: “Would she use my clubs?’
Husband: “No, she’s left-handed.”

EX-WRAAF Association Vic Branch December 2014

06/02/2016 at 4:38 pm

Hello to all. I am making a determined start to get this newsletter prepared and out to you on time for once. Fingers crossed
my plans come to fruition.
We Victorian girls were saddened by the loss of Lois Pitman. She has been a part of our life for so long, even if only as the
name behind the appointment Director WRAAF when we were much younger. Many of us saw her infrequently and then
usually in an ‘official’ capacity when on inspection visits to all bases where WRAAF served or if there was a problem
which required her attention. Some may only have seen her during their recruit training when she spoke to the course.
In our life after service, in Victoria, we came to know her more closely as the Patron of our branch and until, about ten
years ago, a regular attendee at our reunions and luncheons. She also welcomed our newsletter to keep her abreast of our
news and gossips. A lady who walked with dignity and pride and who made a valuable contribution to the lives of many
young women.
She had prepared her own funeral service some twenty years ago, including her own eulogy which was read by awn
Parsloe at Lois’ request. She had no living relatives, but was blessed with many friends. All ex-WRAAF were represented
at the funeral service by some five or so members of this branch.
I had begun this newsletter a few weeks ago, but now I am grateful I hadn’t rushed to distribute it as I have just received a
copy of the eulogy. Then last night I learned of the death of another well-known name in the world of WRAAF with the
passing of Daphne Nunn. The ranks are becoming thinner.
I know it is part of the aging process, but I am getting a little tired of going to funerals or learning about the passing of another
friend or acquaintance. I am not in any hurry to join them, but it is getting lonelier down here. A few weeks ago I had
two funerals in two days, just too much of a good thing. Both gentlemen were in their nineties, had had good lives but were
recently in poor health so it wasn’t exactly a surprise that they left us, but it does leave a hole in the fabric of life.
Hopefully you have made all your preparations for Christmas. Sadly, I have very few presents to buy now that most of our
grandchildren are adults, and even our children can’t give us any semblance of a wish list. I now going to finish this section
of the newsletter and get busy making my Christmas cakes (they are ones that don’t need to be stored for
ages). Tomorrow will be the day I buy the Christmas Tree so it will need decorating and I still have to
write our family Epistle (actually more of an annual report) which we send to most people on Christmas
Card List. Then I can say that I am organised.
Regards to you all
The Countdown is on for Coolangatta—Ten Months to go. See you there?
We have had a request from a younger woman for photographs
of her father. He died when she was young and
she only has three photos of him.
His name was ‘Titch’ Turner and he was a RAAF Photographer
(which explains why there are few photos of
him). He served for 22 years, discharging in 1987 and
died the next year, aged 41 years. He was posted to Butterworth
and with 2SQN in Vietnam. Can anybody help
I think I have made this request before, but while you are
going through the photograph albums perhaps you have a
photo of FltSgt Annie May HYLAND, a Mess Supervisor.
We have been given her medals, which includes the British
Empire Medal and wish to have them mounted for display
with a photograph of the FltSgt and a profile. We have the
citation from the presentation of the medal and her eulogy,
but little else. Can anybody help with more?
Please, what about spending some time going through your collection of photographs over the holidays. Help is needed.
Well, another year has almost gone. I hope most of you have had a better year than I have,
however I am on the up now and looking forward to 2015 and the Coolangatta Reunion.
It is sad to note the loss of Lois Pitman and Daphne Nunn, but none of us are getting any younger.
We are thinking about another venue for October 2015 as the food at Ringwood wasn’t very good. We will
let you know what we decide, but are open to suggestions of another location. Ringwood has been a good
place to us and when the extentions which are currently underway have been finished the club will be bigger
and better.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and look forward to seeing you in 2015.
Here, according to an email doing the rounds,
are more answers given by children when
asked questions about the Bible.
“David fought the Finkelsteins, a race of
people who lived in Biblical times,” said
one child.
And this, “Solomon, one of David’s sons
had 300 wives and 700 porcupines.”
“When Mary heard she was the mother
of Jesus, she sang the Magna Carta,” was
another gem.
“Jesus was born because Mary had an
immaculate contraception.”
“St John the blacksmith dumped water
on his head.”
And finally there’s this one, “Jesus enunciated
the golden rule, which says to do
unto others before they do one to you.”
10 Reasons why we know Santa is a man
1. No ^r_ss s_ns_.
2. N_v_r r_pli_s to your l_tt_rs.
3. Th_ ]h[n]_s of g_tting wh[t you [sk for
[r_ nil.
4. B__r \_lly.
5. Will only ]ommit to on_ ^[y [ y_[r.
6. O\s_ss_^ with sto]kings.
7. H_ n_v_r stops to [sk ^ir_]tions.
8. Too l[zy to sh[v_.
9. H_ [lw[ys w_[rs th_ s[m_ ]loth_s.
10. Only willing to ^o [ jo\ wh_r_ p_opl_ l_[v_ foo^ [n^ \ooz_
out for him … [n^ h_ ^o_sn’t w[sh th_ pl[t_ up [ft_rw[r^s!
Everybody Needs a Laugh or Two at This Time of the Year
Y d’ n h
u  y , u I  nn  C is#ma& Cr() t+ ,u y  -.
m/o1 f3 -. h(
id 4eas— I c’ n t+ s8 9
i:. S#=>), ?us ma@ MusBC  , n
n1 y D=>) .e3 DeC -. HB>l& Di-H BuJh& K H(>
, Tr, L, L, ‘Ti& -. Seas t+ O
, etQ
GP.OFF. Lois Katrine Pitman O.B.E.
Director WRAAF (1960—1972)
Age 95 years
Died, 30 October, 2014
Funeral, 10 November, 2014

FLT.OFF. Daphne Hilda Nunn
WRAAF Officer
Age 86 years
Died, (about) 04 December, 2014
Funeral, 09 December, 2014
Late of Cazna Gardens, Sunnybank Hills and
formerly of Mansfield, Brisbane

Margaret Favell nee Griffin
Telephone Operator
Died, 12 December, 2014
Tewantin, Qld
{Butterworth Bus Escort in the 80s)
Formerly of Gympie, Qld
This is the text for the eulogy read at GP.OFF. Pitman’s funeral
Group Officer L.K. Pitman, OBE, BA, Dip Soc Stud
Wing Officer Carter left the service in 1960 and was succeeded
by Wing Officer Lois K. Pitman.
Group Officer Pitman was born in Melbourne and educated
in America and at St Michael’s Church of England Grammar
School, Victoria. After leaving school, Miss Pitman worked
as a Laboratory Assistant with the C.S.I.RO. in Canberra and
later as an Advertising Assistant, and before joining the
WAAAF in 1942 as a Section Officer, qualified as Licentiate
of the Advertising Association of Australia.
After completion of No. 42 WAAAF Officer Training
Course, Miss Pitman1. served between 1942 and 1943 as Officer-
in-Charge WAAAF Pearce and Staff Officer WAAAF,
Headquarters Western Australia. Between 1943 and 1944,
Flight Office Pitman was in turn Recruit Training Officer at
No.1 WAAAF Depot, Larundel, Victoria and Recruit Training
Unit, Sandgate, Queensland, Staff officer, WAAAF
Headquarters southern Area, and later Officer-in-Charge
WAAAF Officer Training Section, back at Larundel.
Squadron Officer Pitman left the service to assist in resettling
service girls into civilian life, and stayed with the
Department of Post-War Reconstruction as an information
officer for approximately six months.
Miss Pitman then commenced her career as a social worker,
completing the Diploma of Social Studies course with the
University of Melbourne under the Commonwealth Reconstruction
Training Scheme, and in 1949 completed an Almoner’s
Course. Miss Pitman has worked as a social worker
with the Red Cross Society, as a medical social worker in the
Psychiatric Clinics at the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital
(Melbourne), and, while visiting the United Kingdom on
leave in 1955/56, as a psychiatric social worker at St. Thomas’
Hospital, London.
In 1960, Miss Pitman was invited to join the peace-time
WRAAF and did so. Since then, her appointments have been
— Staff Officer WRAAF, Department of Air, Headquarters
Maintenance Group and Headquarters Training Command,
and since April 1960, Director of WRAAF.
After her appointment as Director, Group Officer Pitman
undertook further study, and majored in Psychology at the
National University Canberra. Her interest in this subject and
her training as a social worker made her admirably suited to
understand the behaviour and problems of young girls.
In 1968 Group Officer Lois Pitman was awarded (ed’s note—
in the Queen’s Birthday Honours) the OBE for her distinguished
service in senior staff appointments associated with
WRAAF administration, for her untiring efforts to ensure the
welfare of the WRAAF, and in recognition of the credit due
to her for the high regard in which members of the WRAAF
are held.
According to the Australian War Memorial Honours and Awards she was a
Warrant Officer of the Royal Australian Air Force!
Approximately ten years ago.
PRESIDENT — June Gospel (nee Hoy) Brenda Douglas victorian.exwraaf@gmail.com
SECRETARY —- Ann Steele (nee Dodds) 41 Bourke Crescent
EDITOR —- Brenda Douglas (nee Whiting) Hoppers Crossing Vic 3029
Noelene Park
Lyn Mitchell
Still, we can only spread the news if you
pass it on to us.
????Can You Help ????
This message was passed to me recently. It is about six months old and it may have appeared on a facebook account, but I
am repeating it here for those (like me) who don’t go near facebook.
“Someone I knew many years ago and have made contact with through facebook informed me of the above (WRAAF Reunion
East Sale, ed). Would have loved to be there to see if any my friends were about. I have been trying to make contact
with Pattie Large, she worked in equipment I think. Married a Bob Piggott (not services). I was Nola Herriman, and worked
as teleprinter operator (cypher). Was there between August 1959 to October 1961. only person I have been able to find is
Marion Powers, lives in Sydney now. She worked as a telephonist. Also remember Pat Healy, she was in charge of my hut.
Still have lots of photos, I used to play basketball for the WRAAF’s and was the first time we beat the ‘civies’. I now live
just outside Townsville, my husband Bill Wood, who was with 2ACS East Sale has just had a total reconstruction of his
knee so we are grounded at the moment. We do have a caravan, and still have rellies in the Sale area.”
If you want to make contact with Nola call 0428 635 031
Roll Call from our last luncheon
(at Ringwood RSL)
June Gospel
Colleen Withers
Val Alcorn
Ann Steele
Brenda Douglas
Maureen Molloy
Margaret Elkar
Trish McCormack
Lynne Forrester
Caroline Hanrahan
Trish Hodda
The next Luncheon:
Sandham Street
(between St Georges Road and Orrong Road)
Sunday, 22 February, 2015
Plenty of parking. Melways 67 G2
Elsternwick Railway Station is about 1km walk away.
The meals may be a little extra (around the $25.00 mark for the main course)
but there is a less-standard menu than at our other venues. This club is a smaller
facility and therefore a little quieter (until we arrive, of course) and we have
had no need to pre-book.
Note: we are on the lookout for a new venue as a change from the Ringwood
RSL where we have been welcomed for some time now. They tell me that a
change is as good as a holiday. It must be able to cater for up to twenty or so
quiet ladies, does not need to be in the same area as Ringwood but close to
public transport is an advantage and be a place that does not require us to prebook.
We are unable to make a booking as you ladies will not, or cannot, commit
yourself to attend. The few regulars are not willing to paying for a set
number when you don’t turn up! So any suggestions are welcome. Please contact
the President or the Editor.
Merry Christmas to Everyone and Their Families
A Happy New Year
We look forward to seeing you again in

Victorian WRAAF Group – December News

03/02/2016 at 3:54 pm

Well Ladies, it is the time of the year to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy 2016. It hardly seems
twelve months since we were preparing for the new 2015.
We had a lovely luncheon at the Box Hill RSL; the food was lovely and reasonably priced plus the staff were very helpful.
There were eleven ladies in attendance and all seemed to be enjoying themselves. There was no pressure on us to move on
or to make less noise – we are always a very loud group with conversations going on all the length of the table. As you
know we have decided not to go back to the Ringwood RSL, so we are currently looking for another venue. Please, we welcome
suggestions, remembering that at least 4 or 5 of us travel from the west. One suggestion received was a river cruise,
but on contacting ‘City River Cruises’ I learnt that they only cruise for one hour and only serve morning or afternoon tea.
Our congratulations to Jenny Lumsden (daughter of Shirley nee James) who, with effect 01 December, has been promoted
to Air Commodore. We are all excited and proud of this recognition of her skills and efforts. We are still waiting for a copy
of her ‘official’ photograph but we did include a photograph of her in a newsletter about eighteen months ago. Jenny is a
highly qualified Nurse at Melbourne hospital, specializing in the Intensive Care area.
Ann Steele and I joined many fellow ex-WRAAF at Coolangatta. We stayed at the ‘Sofitel’ in Broadbeach and with my
CabCharge we were able to use it to get around. The ‘Meet and Greet’ and the Dinner were most enjoyable if a little crowded
due to numbers. Food was excellent on both nights, so congratulations to the Queensland girls. Patsy Lumsden, Trish
Hodda, Lyn Mitchell Marj Dixon, Lorna Dowsley, Brenda Douglas, Margaret Marshall, Caroline Hanrahan, Cate Pettit and
Di Hoopert were the Victorian girls I can immediately recall seeing among the crowd. My apologies if I missed your name
here. From reports, the Sunday Service at Curumbin RSL was excellent (I missed this event)
While we were in the area, Ann and I decided to play the tourist and enjoy ourselves. We went to Movie World where we
went on the raft ride down the waterfall. Exhilarating! We also went to Curumbin where we had to fight the ibises whilst
trying to eat out lunch. Disappointingly, we didn’t see one of the famous coloured birds the day we were there, but it was
lovely. We also contributed to the tourism dollar by visiting Sea World and even ventured into Pacific Fair (never been to a
shopping centre before—a new experience!). As you can see we had a very busy time and arrived home tired but very happy.
And the photo below shows my smiling face (with the greyer hair above it). The other face belongs to Ann Steele, our
secretary. This was taken during our tourist activities up north looking at souvenirs.
Cab Charge
Many of us qualify to use this service, but may not have
made the effort yet. Application forms are available at
your Doctor’s surgery. You need to complete the form
and forward it. You also need to let you doctor know you
have begun the process as he has to do his/her part
online. Until he/she does, nothing will happen. Once
these two steps have happened you will receive a plastic
card by post and an accompanying letter.
If you are planning on travelling interstate, I found it
very easy to make the necessary arrangements.
I rang them and this is what occurs. You need to inform
them where you are going, with the exact date of arrival
and exact date of departure. They will send a book of
Interstate Vouchers. These will effectively half the cost
of your travel, but there is a limit to the cost of the trips.
All these details are in the accompanying letter. When
you have enjoyed your holiday you must return the unused
While talking about the services for we aging members of society,
if you have Disabled Car Stickers, it is recommended that
when planning travel it is wise to contact the municipal authority
where you will be going to see if they recognise your sticker.
Don’t take it for granted.—you just might find you are abused
and/or fined.
October Luncheon Attendees
At last I have begun the final newsletter for 2015. I have been mentally planning what I need to
say and then (still mentally) changing and amending it all for a few weeks now. But today is the day
when I get down to the job in earnest.
As usual, I have several tasks that I need to get stuck into especially with Christmas breathing
down my neck. I still haven’t made my cakes. I always have the best of intentions to do this in September
before the heat makes baking less appealing but the time goes by a such a speed that here it is December
and I am still planning on baking. I also have our annual Family Report to write and that is becoming
more pressing with the arrival of several Christmas cards over the last few weeks.
This year I have spent considerable time working on my Family Tree and have loved every minute
of it. Once started it becomes a serious addiction. My eldest daughter and I are sharing the investigation,
which is great, as it gives me someone to share successes and failures with, plus bounce ideas
off. It is amazing what problems one can solve during, or following, a conversation. I find I am replaying
them in my mind at the oddest of times and sometimes I manage to have an ‘Eureka’ moment.
In the last year or so the husband of one of my cousins has joined the team and we have been able to
share information. I have learnt about the youngest generations, the ones I don’t get to see or know due
to being interstate for so long. Most of us in Australia hope to find a convict on our tree and at last we
have succeeded. My Great-Great-Grandfather was transported to Van Diemens Land for life—by modern
standard his crime of horse stealing was minor. Few people get life for murder nowadays! We still
have many more branches to find, so the research goes on.
I enjoyed my trip north for the reunion. There were about 275 other ex-WRAAF there and boy
could we talk. It was a crowded room as well as a loud one. It was even nice to have a guest speaker if
only to revel in the relative quietness. My eldest daughter ventured north with me and we enjoyed ourselves.
We drove up the Newell Highway and returned via the coast to Sydney, calling in on towns connected
with our family, visiting friends both before and after the reunion and enjoying being a tourist.
The weather was excellent and it was lovely seeing family and friends again. More chatter and lots of
nostalgia for me.
Now we are waiting for the solution to the big mystery—where and when will be the next reunion.
To date I haven’t heard any rumours let alone an announcement. I know there are a couple locally
who would dearly love to enjoy another Victorian reunion, but I for one don’t feel up to the work involved.
I have enough going on in my life as it is, and from experience I know that there is a lot of work
to do. Here in Victoria we consider we were very lucky as much of the work was done for us last time.
Just finding a venue is a difficult task. I know someone involved in another organisation’s national reunion
and they are encountering the same problem. We also need to consider the advancing age of the
majority of our ‘membership’ – for many travelling is becoming more and more problematical. Just
talking to a couple of the girls who went to Coolangatta about the trouble they had with the airlines and
their mobility aids is a learning curve in itself. And I haven’t got the stage of having to rely on a walking
fame yet, but that may happen in the nearer future than I would wish, hence my preference for combining
the reunion with a holiday and preferably a self-drive one.
The annual Melbourne reunion of RAAF Ex-Apprentices will be held on Saturday
23 January 2016. This function is for all ex-apprentices and their partners / friends,
and will be held at the Werribee RSL (not far from both Point Cook and Laverton
for those who are not familiar with the western suburbs of Melbourne). There will
be a $20.00 entry fee to cover costs, and normal RSL dress rules apply.
For information, please contact Graeme Oxley
Phone : (03) 9256 3858 (business hours)
Email: graeme.oxley@defence.gov.au
Our next luncheon is due on 28 February 2016.
It will be at ? ? ? ? ?
We have repeatedly asked for a new venue. If we don’t have at least
one suggestion by 5 February 2016 (to June 03 9741 5562) then we
will have to cancel the February luncheon. It is up to YOU now.
PRESIDENT — June Gospel (nee Hoy) Brenda Douglas victorian.exwraaf@gmail.com
SECRETARY —- Ann Steele (nee Dodds) 41 Bourke Crescent
EDITOR —- Brenda Douglas (nee Whiting) Hoppers Crossing Vic 3029
ANN STEELE (knee reconstruction)
If your name hasn’t been mentioned here and
you are on the Sick List it is because we haven’t
been told about it, so please take our good wishes
for a speedy recovery as read.
Still, we can only spread the news if you pass it on to us.
WRAAF Recruit course 16
Enlisted as Equipment Assistant
Remustered to RAAF Police
Died 27 Sep 15 age 84 years
The following names were garnered
from Mufti (RSL quarterly publication
in Victoria)
from Nhill
HOBBS from Box Hill

Three of the ‘Sale
girls’ who have a
Reunion within a

Queensland President,
Rosie Forster, reciting
the Ode at the Service of
Remembrance at
Curumbin RSL.
(I was pleased to see the
Australian Air Force
Cadets assisted at this
service. From all reports
they did an excellent job,
not that that surprised
me. I know they always
do on such occasions —
this is an unsolicited
comment from the Editor)
To each of you and to
your families, our wish is
for a Safe and Happy
Christmas, and the hope
that 2016 will bring you
Health and Happiness.
Enjoy the break, and see
you in March.
Why did the turkey join the band?
Because it had the drumsticks!
What does Santa suffer from if he gets stuck
in a chimney?
What did Adam say to his wife on the day before
It’s Christmas, Eve!
What do you get if you eat Christmas decorations?
What is the best Christmas present in the
A broken drum – you just can’t beat it!

WRAAF Vic Branch has restarted its Newsletter

25/06/2013 at 4:44 pm

Hi all

Brenda Douglas has picked up the baton and has devoted her time and mind to compiling the WRAAF Branch Vic Newsletter. Please click on the link

WRAAF Vic Branch Newsletter May 2013 Editor Brenda Douglas


2013 Jan Newsletter – Last Newsletter from Victoria Branch by Lyn Mitchell

23/02/2013 at 1:09 am

Hello all

I was so busy earlier this year, that I forgot to post the January newsletter for the WRAAF Vic Branch. I emailed to the people I have on my address book and my snail mail people, but didn’t post to my own website! Rectified tonight…

 Click HERE to read PDF file



2004 WRAAF Victoria Oct Luncheon Werribee

01/11/2012 at 12:19 pm


Click here for 2012 Ringwood luncheon


2012 Oct WRAAF Vic Luncheon Ringwood

01/11/2012 at 12:18 pm
2012 Oct Ringwood Colleen Withers Val Alcorn

2012 Oct Ringwood Colleen Withers Val Alcorn

2012 Oct Ringwood Luncheon Brenda Douglas

2012 Oct Ringwood Luncheon Brenda Douglas

2012 Oct Ringwood Luncheon Sandie Downes from Brisbane Branch

2012 Oct Ringwood Luncheon Sandie Downes from Brisbane Branch

2012 Oct Ringwood Luncheon Ann Steele

2012 Oct Ringwood Luncheon Ann Steele

2012 Oct Ringwood Luncheon Brenda Douglas June Gospel

2012 Oct Ringwood Luncheon Brenda Douglas June Gospel

Hello All
On Sunday 28th October 2012 WRAAF from Victoria met at Ringwood RSL. This time we had a visitor from the Brisbane WRAAF Branch, Sandi Downes. Good to see June Gospel well enough to make the trip. Colleen Withers and Val Alcorn had a great catchup together. Though we were few, we all had a great chat and some of us still sitting around at 4 o’clock. See you all at Caulfield RSL in February.

Click to connect to 2004. Only 8 years ago!