Dogs in War – Airedale in World War 1

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Dogs in War

Poetry – Source Tom Rendall

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Heroines of the Second World War Part 2

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No 1Heroines of the Second World War Part 20001

No 1 Stores Depot (1SD) RAAF Tottenham Reunion Lunch

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Held 19th November 2016

at Yarraville Club, 135 Stephen Street, Yarraville, Vic

No 1 Stores Depot RAAF Tottenham Reunion Lunch





Lannie has another story – Have you one to tell and leave for the future generations

29/02/2016 at 11:25 pm

Hi Lyn,

Here’s a funny for you.
One day I walked into a small country hospital in Western Victoria,and,there was something very familiar with one of the girls at the reception desk. After a while I asked one of the other girls who she was.The second she said the name I was floored.
We had actually been at Frognall at the same time. Mind you,a lot of years had passed,but,we have chatted occasionally since,and,shared a few funny memories.
We spoke yesterday,and,I told her how to have a squizz at all the Recruit Course photos.
I was having second thoughts about WG Cdr Baxter,thinking it may well have been Flight Officer Nuttal at that time,but,Barb confirmed that it had been Flight Officer Baxter at that time at Frognall.
How bizarre is that. In the middle of “cow country” one runs into an old friend from long ago WRAAF days?
It would be nice if there was a list of all the WRAAF Officers,and,where they served etc.
Okay,I’m off to feed my sheep,and,take the idiot dog for a run alongside the 4 wheeler.

WRAAF Lannie Wilson tells us another WRAAF Story

27/02/2016 at 1:19 pm

WGCDR Baxter Margaret LynnSource Lannie Wilson
I have very fond memories of Group Officer Baxter,going back many,many moons.
She was then Flight Officer Baxter,WRAAF Officer in charge at RAAF Frognall. The year was,I think, 1962.
I was posted to Frognall after rookie course 120 at Point cook. I had two wonderful buddies {let them remain nameless at this stage},and,periodically we did get into some mischief in the barracks. In those days nissan huts. I recall distinctly,along with my two “buddies” being hauled ” on the mat” before Flight Officer Baxter for some idiotic mischief in the barracks.. At the time, we were convinced that we were to be court martialled.
Thankfully we were given a gentle tongue lashing,and,dismissed.
The NCO i/c ,who marched us into {then} Flight Officer Baxter’s Office was Sgt Doreen Fraser.
Afer being posted from Froganll to East Sale to await re-muster to TPRINOP at Radio School,Laverton,I did not ever come across Group Officer Baxter again during my years in the WRAAF,but,never forgot her charming,gentle reprimand on that day.
I often wonder about my two buddies,and,always remembered “Flight Officer Baxter” with great affection,and,that day we were hauled “on the mat”.Oh! so long ago. Lannie Wilson

A WRAAF Story – Life at East Sale 1962

23/02/2016 at 7:51 am

Dear Lyn
I was interested to read your account of life at East Sale in the Djinning Assoc. Newsletter which my husband, Lou Thompson, ex-COMMSOP receives. Who can forget Panic Nights and floor polishers!!?
I was sent to School of Air Navigation as a Clerk General in 1962 after completing recruit course at Point Cook. I arrived late at night at the WRAAF Quarters which seemed deserted and wandered around nervously until I spotted a light and knocked on someone’s door. I was put in a temporary hut for a night then allocated a room with four girls who became my friends for the four months that I was there. One was called Cora, I recall, and she seemed to be constantly on a diet and consuming Ford Pills to aid the process! There was a pretty blonde girl and I have photos of her but sadly I cannot remember her name and also Sophie Vladyka who I remember as being quite extrovert and good fun. I remember playing with a ouija board in our room and frightening the life out of each other in the dark.
I had my 21st birthday at East Sale and we went to a hotel for dinner where some commercial travellers gave me samples of their stock as presents! I still have a gold plated china dish from that event. Later in the year I was posted to Base Squadron, Point Cook. Other postings I had were Headquarters, Williamtown and Air Staff at Headquarters Operational Command, Glenbrook, where I met my husband and was discharged after four years service in 1966.
I attended the WRAAF Reunion in Brisbane in 2011 and had my photograph taken, wearing my old forage cap, with Quentin Bryce. I also met up with four or five girls who had been on my recruit course which was a bonus. Hope this is of some interest to you.
Pam Thompson (nee Jones)

We remember WGCDR Baxter Margaret Lynn

21/02/2016 at 12:34 pm
Regimental Books – Australian Military History

Was pleased to see that a WRAAF officer on the Regimental Books feed today. WGCDR Baxter was the CO at WRAAFTU when I enlisted. The post says Wing Commander but the phot is of her as a SQNLDR.

We Remember Today – Wing Commander Margaret Lynn Baxter MBE, RAAF.

Baxter joined the WRAAF in 1952 and she was commissioned in 1955.

Jan Griffin Margaret was at Uranquinty when I was there.Anyone else from Quinty still around.I am still friends with Joan Macklin and Maxine Phillips Jones. Met them in 1955.

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Terri Tonkin
Terri Tonkin I was on her changeover rookie course. She took over from SQNLDR Cass.

Andrea Storm
Andrea Storm I remember her quiet well…….

Badge found

04/11/2015 at 1:13 pm

DVA newsletter has published that someone found a badge, which is quite old, belonging to W316626 LAURINE BARKLEY, Course 145, on a local Queenscliffe beach. Could you put it on your website to see if anyone knows her whereabouts. If so contact: or phone Ron Hodgetts on 03 5243 6637.

From a facebook site: So much history we won’t get to read

14/03/2015 at 2:43 pm