Need to find Pattie Large WRAAF married Bob Piggott (civy) & Pat Healy

22/11/2014 at 1:36 pm

Someone I knew many years ago and have made contact with through facebook informed me of the above reunion. Would have loved to be there to see if any my friends were about. I have been trying to make contact with Pattie Large, she worked in equipment I think. Married a Bob Piggott (not services) I was Nola Herriman, and worked as teleprinter operator (cypher). Was there between August 1959 to October 1961. Only person I have been able to find is Marion Powers, lives in Sydney now. She worked as a telephonist. Also remember Pat Healy, she was in charge of my hut. Still have lots of photos, I used to play basketball for the WRAAF’s and was the first time we beat the “civies”. I now live just outside Townsville, my husband Bill Wood, who was with 2ACS East Sale has just had a total reconstruction of his knee so we are grounded at the moment. We do have a caravan, and still have rellies in the Sale area.

Thank you – Nola Wood
telephone: 0428 635 031