Colleen’s Expression of Interest – History Project

20/12/2013 at 1:14 am

WRAAF history project – Expression of interest (EOI) form.
Name: ____________________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________________
State: _____________________________________ Postcode:_______________________________
Phone (H) : ______________________________________ Fax: ___________________________ Mobile: ____________________________________
Do you have a preferred time/day to be contacted? _______________________________________
When did you join the WRAAF? ________________________________________________________
Which mustering?___________________________________________________________________
Position title? ______________________________________________________________________
When did you leave the WRAAF? __________________________________Rank:________________
Why did you leave? OPTIONAL: ________________________________________________________
Were you involved in any WRAAF ”firsts” or any significant or interesting event/milestone etc? (first overseas deployment, editing WRAAF Roundel, etc.) If yes, what? __________________________________________________________________________________
Would you be willing to share any of your WRAAF experiences for publication? (anonymity can be guaranteed if required/requested). ____________________________________________________
Are you comfortable with your interview being recorded? _____________________________ Please note: You can still participate in the project if you elect not to be recorded. Recordings will only be made to assist with accurate information gathering of your experiences and will never be used for any purpose without your consent. Recordings will not be stored without your consent. You will not be asked to travel for any interview and where distance makes a face-to-face interview impossible, a telephone interview will suffice and can be completed at your convenience and at no cost to you.
You can attach a sheet if you would like to include any additional information.
Thank you for your interest in participating in this project.

Colleen Nazareth. (Please return this page to the address supplied).

Editor: I will upload in pdf form for you to print out. But essential for people to view tonight.
Lyn Mitchell

The Beginning of the ExWRAAF Reunion Movement

31/01/2013 at 9:45 am

The exWRAAF movement probably started around 1970. Probably by Maxine Cheyne. Probably at a luncheon held at her home.

The first Australia wide reunion was definitely in 1976. Held with a luncheon at Maxine’s place again and a further meeting at the local CWA hall. About 49 ex WRAAF attended. Sandra Perry was there (second row from the top, 5th from right). Also Jackie Walsh nee Rodger (Kneeling on floor at right), next to her Joan Ramsay nee Arbon (next to Jackie at right).

Mary Bradshaw is fourth from left in first row behind person lounging in front. Incredibly Mary has a diary to say the photo is from January 1976. Saturday 17th January “we had a luncheon at the President home Maxine Cheyne and followed by a dinner at the CWA rooms at Kent Town. Joy Pepper, Pat Huskings, Dulcie Lang. Val MCoy, by Mary’s diary was there. Pep (Joy) 6 from L in second back row.

Can anyone else name themselves. Email me on This photo is crucial to the WRAAF reunion movement. It might be the first. Since then many gatherings have taken place and every two or three years a National reunion is held in alternating states. Let’s make it a quest to remember the reunions and where they have been held since this time.


First National exWRAAF Reunion
Adelaide SA Luncheon held at Maxine Cheyne’s Home and later at CWA Rooms at Kent Town