Taffy Waits

26/04/2013 at 2:57 pm

Taffy Waits Painting Permission given to publish on website by Jennifer Marshall

With Anzac Day behind us but still in our minds, I’ve found the time to post this amazing photo. The poem will be posted shortly. I have to retype it. Both painting and poem were sent to me by Noelene Park, a loyal WRAAF Branch supporter.  I contacted both artist and author and have been given permission to print these for your enjoyment.

My dad was a Lighthorseman and proud of it. Those brave animals, so loyal and so generous of spirit. We should not forget them. They also served.

This is the permission from Jennifer: Yes, you may add it to your site with a link to mine.

 Click here http://www.lighthorseart.com.au/Taffy-Waits/


Jennifer Marshall