Vale Sqn Ldr Margaret Cass 1928 – 2013

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Taken from the recent Vic Newsletter 2013 Dec Issue. Apologies for not retyping.

Sqn Ldr Margaret Cass Vale Oct 2013

Sqn Ldr Margaret Cass Vale Oct 2013

Caroline has loaned us a photograph of Margaret Cass and
some notes on her Life History. To quote Caroline, “[t is not
easy to remember all the postings and the chronological order
escapes me! … I dare say a room full of ex-WRAAF who
knew Margaret would produce the best ‘picture’. One person’s
story sparks another and so it goes..”
So here is your starting point.
SQN LDR Margaret Cass
Margaret received her formal education at Methodist Ladies
College and began her professional life as a Private Secretary.
She spent a year in England and Europe gaining extra education
and experience.
Upon her retum she joined the WRAAF where she attained the
rank of SQNLDR. Postings included OIC WRAAF at Williamtown
where she spearheaded a very successful Miss Australia
Quest fundraising resulting in LACW Jean Shepherd
being crowned Miss NSW Charity Queen for 1972. From
there Margaret was posted to OIC WRAAF RTU at Edinburgh
SA. Then to Melbourne at lSD. SOPUBS and RAAF Base
Margaret was very fondly known as ‘Mama Cass’ and there
are no doubt many ex-WRAAF who will have great
Unfortunately ill health made life difficult in recent years
and Margaret died on I I October 2013. She fought
bravely and will be sadly missed by those who knew and
loved her.
Margaret had elected to not have a funeral service,
so we were unable to represent many ofViolet Flower
you and to pay our last respects to this lady.
Instead we opted to give a living plant to Caroline
as a symbol of our respect and our thanks
for her devotion as friend and carer to Margaret.
As a postscript, Caroline, who was in hospital
herself when Margaret passed away, is well
and coping very well with this
next phase in her life, with the
memories of her friendship as a

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27/02/2013 at 4:02 pm

I’m still (and will be for years to come) going through papers. Found this on Doris Carter; printed in 1996.

I remember the Anzac Day this article refers to. I didn’t get into Melbourne and listened from my bed. ‘I slept in’. It was before there were permanent places in the march. Eventually the Air Force marched later and it was easier to get into town in time.

Doris describes the RAAF as ‘one big family’. She says “Once you are in it, you feel like you are always in it.” I think we can all understand this. One of my friends calls us the sisterhood. That it is…

Wg Cdr Doris Carter Director of WRAAF

Doris Carter
former Wing Commander i/c WRAAF
Former Olympian 1936
First woman on an Australian warship
First woman to lead an Anzac march to the Shrine

Flying Office Hicks – Newspaper Article 1966

19/02/2013 at 11:26 am
Flg Off Margaret Hicks 1966Officer i/c WRAAF RAAF Base East Sale

Flg Off Margaret Hicks
Officer i/c WRAAF
RAAF Base East Sale

Hi All

Sorting through a lifetime of photos. Found this and thought I should share. I have fond memories of  ‘Madam’. I worked at Base Squadron Orderly Room so I worked every day in the same building.