ASCO or The Canteen

ASCO or the Canteen

Many of us who joined up between 1959 and 1979 would fondly remember ASCO – or simply The Canteen – on base. Like everything else in the Air Force it has changed or re-invented itself and is now called Frontline Defence Services. Have a look at the website ( It currently operates on 27 Army and Air Force bases and four joint ADF facilities.
There is a history of the Canteen service on the website. ASCO – Australian Service Canteen Organisation – operated from 1959-1979 and served troops throughout Australia; Papua New Guinea (1959 – 1981) and Vietnam (1966 – 1969) by providing services such as canteens, bulk stores, snack bars, news agencies and bank agencies. At one time there were 1400 staff and 122 canteens. It became the Army Air Force Canteen Service (AAFCANS) in 1979 and then in 1998 became Frontline.