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Did You Know the RAAF Fire Service has a website: Talk of a reunion 2014

08/01/2013 at 1:09 am




CONTACT: chas.adlard@bigpond.com. or phone. Chas: 0417 803 260.


GEMS Units were Ground Maint , so any thing that moved on Wheels or had a Motor or was painted Yellow or Green excluding A/C are the things we worked on.

07/01/2013 at 9:23 pm

These are the words of Jacko, one the organisers of the GEMS Units Reunion. Remember, it is this year and 1st April 2013 is the date to let the organisers know.

Greg Lyons (Jacko)

Marketing & Promotions Manager

Ipswich Jets Rugby League Football Club Inc.

 Mob – 0413 700 298

Ph – 32021887

Fax: 07 3281 0829




Just Group Accommodation – Speak with Andrew

06/01/2013 at 12:42 am

If you need help with accommodation in Perth October 2013 for the WRAAF National Reunion



you can speak with Andrew and he will assist you or you can call 1300 900 900. They can help you with your individual bookings or group or family bookings. They can assist with any accommodation booking types. They source the accommodation and can get quotes for you based on any number on people requiring accommodation and can help get accommodation to meet your budget requirements.

WRAAF Luncheon Werribee 2003 Video

05/01/2013 at 12:33 am

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Looking for Accommodation in Perth for 2013 October Reunion – Just Group Accommodation may be able to help. Contact Stacy

05/01/2013 at 12:23 am

Stacy Bullock
Just Group Accommodation
1300 900 900

2013 Year of National ReUnion – Whooo Hooooo

05/01/2013 at 12:08 am

Happy New Year All

I’m still on downtime but will rev up in another week or two. It’s too hot in Melbourne at the moment to push the brain cells anyway. They just may break down and that would be inconvenient. My shoulder is recovering and I’m busting to drive my car. Another two weeks and yeh for independance. Which will mean I will have to back up my determination to learn to swim but I can also pick up my granddaughter.

I am going to post a contact for accommodation in another post for anyone who is beginning to search for the elusive right place to put the head down, come October. The contact is from my East Sale workmate who has just retired to the West. Can’t wait to greet her again. This contact is her daughter. So there’s service blood in the veins.

Til next time.




Brisbane Newsletter December 2012

22/12/2012 at 7:59 pm

Message from Brisbane President

WRAAF BRANCH BRISBANE Newsletter – October to December 2012
Australian Flying Corps and Royal Australian Air Force Association Queensland Division

Message from our President
Rosie Forster

As we reach the end of another year I wish you all a merry Christmas.

As we celebrate Christmas with our loved ones, please spare a thought for our troops serving
overseas, who are unable to do this. Also in our thoughts are the families of our brave men, who
lost their lives in

It has been a sad year for the Branch in that we have lost several members and friends but they are
forever in our hearts, especially at this time.

Reflecting on the year, there has been varied functions starting with Anzac Day, Lunches, Church
Service, Wreath Laying, Bus Trips and our Christmas celebrations. It hasn’t been an easy year but
it finished on a positive note and we are all looking forward to 2013.

As we get ready to say goodbye to 2012, I will take this opportunity to wish you and yours a merry
Christmas, a happy & healthy New Year. Take care, Rosie

For full newsletter click on link below –
WRAAF Brisbane Newsletter Oct-Dec 2012

A Happy Christmas & Healthy New Year To All

10/12/2012 at 12:23 am
Lyn & Ian Mitchell Xmas 2012 2013. What new experiences and adventures will each  of us encounter? We don’t know but we do know we each have the ability to confront, to enjoy and to live whatever comes to our horizon.

I have had a brilliant 2012 despite a nasty health warning. Getting to know a granddaughter has been a highlight. Seeing my daughters force their way into the sunlight was a joy. Knowing my husband is still around each day; a comfort I should appreciate a thousand times more. Achieving the birth of this website is another part of my bucket of dreams and  is an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. I’ll be back in the New Year hopefully with more news and lots of history to reflect upon.

Send me your photos and stories. They are the bricks our children’s future were made upon. Written down they will survive the eon of time.

Enjoy the holiday season

Lyn Mitchell

2013 RAAF Amberley Equipment Musterings Reunion

28/11/2012 at 1:19 am

2013 July Reunion Equipment Musterings Amberley

Judicial inquiry, apology for Australian Defence Force sex abuse cases

26/11/2012 at 1:06 pm
I served in the Air Force in 1965. I was a victim of sexual discrimination. I have not made any submission and will not. Why?
I have to think deeply to answer. I was young. I was vulnerable. I was naive. In one instance I can categorically say that it was wrong. It was workplace discrimination and uncomfortable. To inflict trauma to the memory of a man who has since passed would not make it right.  I wonder at what influence society had on the invasion of a young woman’s sexual rights. My childhood was sad. An alcoholic father made life difficult. The WRAAF represented escape and freedom. For me it became a gateway to a wonderful future. There were many young women like me. Our understanding of sex and men perhaps was not as it would be in today’s society. Our identity was not as sharp. We were at a disadvantage  and became objects in a stupid game of sexual power. 
I will accept Mr Smith’s Parliamentary apology. Does it take away the pain in the memories. No, but it is acknowledgement of wrongdoing. 
There are many men who should be called to account for their actions. I hope that  all servicewomen, whose life and future was ruined by events they could not put aside, have at the end of the enquiry, a measure of peace and self worth.

Len Roberts-Smith

Len Roberts-Smith, centre, who will head up the judicial inquiry into allegations of sexual and other abuses in the Australian Defence Force, with Defence Minister Stephen Smith and Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick. Picture: Gary Ramage Source: The Australian

From News today:
From: The Australian
November 26, 2012 11:31AM

DEFENCE Minister Stephen Smith has announced a judicial inquiry into allegations of sexual and other abuse in the Australian Defence Force and will today make an official apology to victims.

Announcing the inquiry, Mr Smith said he would make the apology to the House of Representatives at midday today.

“I will say sorry to those people who have been subject to inappropriate abuse during their time in the Australian Defence Force,” Mr Smith said.

“I am confident (that the measures announced today) will mean no future minister for defence will have to make the same apology.”

Mr Smith said today the judicial probe would be headed up by former judge Len Roberts-Smith QC, the father of Victoria Cross recipient Ben Roberts-Smith.

The inquiry is in response to the report by law firm DLA Piper on abuse in the ADF.

Some of the most serious allegations of abuse include the claims of 24 rapes that allegedly occurred at the Australian Defence Force Academy in the 1990s, and which might have been covered up or not properly investigated.

The earliest case relates to the abuse of a 13-year-old boy in 1951, while the most recent relates to events in 2011.

Mr Smith left open the possibility of a royal commission into the claims of rapes, known as the ADFA 24, and the HMAS Leeuwin matter.

Some of the perpetrators of the rapes may still be current serving members, Mr Smith said today.

Mr Roberts-Smith said it was important for the review to start out as a judicial inquiry in order to ensure confidentiality of those victims who presented to the inquiry.

Mr Smith said the probe may also help flush out current serving perpetrators.

He said the judicial review would have the power to make compensation payments to victims of up to $50,000. It would also have the power to ensure “restorative justice” was done through apologies or consultation with victims and perpetrators of abuse.

Allegations of abuse could be referred by the inquiry to police, the military justice system or other defence processes as warranted.

Mr Smith said the cost of the judicial inquiry and any compensation payments, which could total up to $37.5 million if all the more than 700 cases of abuse received the maximum payout, would be borne entirely by the existing Defence allocation.

“In the end there is a price to pay,” Mr Smith said.

“And that will be part of the price that Defence needs to pay.”

Mr Roberts-Smith said there would be a “relatively low threshold” for the compensation payments.

“And the key principle underlying that is that compensation should be payable in recognition of the fact that sexual abuse is wrong and comprehensible,” he said.

The former judge of the West Australia Supreme Court and Court of Appeal said there was a “huge amount of work to be done” but was confident his inquiry could secure good outcomes for victims.

“Our focus will be in relation to individual cases to ensure they are appropriately dealt with,” Mr Roberts-Smith said.

Australian Defence Force measures to be undertaken into allegations of sexual and other abuses include:

– Parliamentary apology to victims by Defence Minister Stephen Smith at midday (AEDT) on Monday

– Victims to have access to a capped compensation scheme with individual grants of up to $50,000

– Establishment of a taskforce, to be headed by former Western Australian Supreme Court judge Len Roberts-Smith, to assess the individual complaints and any wider systemic issues

– The taskforce will oversee a restorative justice/conciliation processes where a victim and alleged perpetrator are brought together

– The taskforce will have the power to refer appropriate matters to police for formal criminal investigation and assessment for prosecution

– Free telephone hotline – 1800 424 991 – so that complainants can access information about the government’s response.