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Official RAAF Sites.

RAAF Home Page     http://www.airforce.gov.au/
RAAF Museum      http://www.airforce.gov.au/raafmuseum/index.htm
RAAF News     http://digital.realviewtechnologies.com/default.aspx?xml=defencenews_airforce.xml

RAAF Airpower Developmental Centre       http://airpower.airforce.gov.au/

Official Defence Pages.

Australian Army     http://www.army.gov.au/
Australian Military History     http://www.awm.gov.au/atwar/conflict.asp
Australian Navy        http://www.navy.gov.au/Main_Page
Defence Careers     http://www.defencejobs.gov.au/careers_explorer/
Defence Media room     http://www.defence.gov.au/media/index.cfm
Department of Defence
Vietnam Vets nominal roll
World War II nominal roll

Official Vet Affairs Sites.

DVA Forms page
DVA Home page
DVA MyAccount
The Right Mix
Touch Base

Other Government Sites.

ATO GST Free Claim form

RAAF Courses pages.

12 RMT
12 Engineering Appies
15 Engineering Appies
19 Engineering Appies (Snails)
19 Radio Appies
20 Engineering Appies (Squirrels)
21 Radio Appies
23 Radio Appies
26 Radio Appies
RAAF Apprentices

RAAF Mustering pages.

Djinnang Association
RAAF Telstechs

RAAF Squadron pages.

2 Squadron
2 Squadron Com
Centre staffing
3 Squadron
3 Squadron in Malaya
9 Squadron
35 Squadron/RTFV
36 Squadron
77 Squadron
78 Squadron
Maritime Squadrons Assoc

RAAF Units.


Aircraft photos and news.

Australian Military Aircraft Serials and Aircraft History.
Airliners Net
Aircraft videos
Defence News
Fighter World, Williamtown
Queensland Air Museum Caloundra
Temora aviation museum
US National AF Museum


Alliance of Defence Service Organisations (Stand to)
Australian Armourers Association.
Historic Radio Society of Australia.
New Zealand Air Force Association.
Fighter Squadrons Association
RAAF Airman Aircrew
RAAF Association (ACT)
RAAF Association (National)
RAAF Association (NSW)
RAAF Association (SA)
RAAF Association (Victoria)
RAAF Association (WA)
RAAF Engineer Officers Association.
RAAF School Penang
RAAF Telstechs
RAF Butterworth and Penang
The RAR Association
US 458 Sea Tigers
WAAF Association     http://www.womenaustralia.info/biogs/AWE0400b.htm
WRAAF Association     http://www.wraaf.org.au/


Australian Radio Stations
Australian TV Stations
Australian War Memorial
Bob Webster at Upper Space
Cheap Books
National Vietnam Veterans Museum (Vic)
Rod Smith’s pages
Vietnam War Resources

Help pages.

Armed Services Assistance Centre
Australian Veterans and Defence Services Council
Defence Forces Welfare Association
Vietnam Support and Advocacy Service Australia.
Vietnam Vets Association (National)
Vietnam Vets Association (Sunshine Coast)

Scams and legends.

Truth or fiction