We remember WGCDR Baxter Margaret Lynn

21/02/2016 at 12:34 pm
Regimental Books – Australian Military History

Was pleased to see that a WRAAF officer on the Regimental Books feed today. WGCDR Baxter was the CO at WRAAFTU when I enlisted. The post says Wing Commander but the phot is of her as a SQNLDR.

We Remember Today – Wing Commander Margaret Lynn Baxter MBE, RAAF.

Baxter joined the WRAAF in 1952 and she was commissioned in 1955.

Jan Griffin Margaret was at Uranquinty when I was there.Anyone else from Quinty still around.I am still friends with Joan Macklin and Maxine Phillips Jones. Met them in 1955.

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Terri Tonkin
Terri Tonkin I was on her changeover rookie course. She took over from SQNLDR Cass.

Andrea Storm
Andrea Storm I remember her quiet well…….