WRAAF Where are you?

This page is for all the WRAAF who would like to find someone. A friend, a roomate. Someone you have spent a lifetime wondering about. I have found a few of the women I cared about long ago, so please do not give up.

The following file is a list of WRAAF who over the last 20 years have signed up for a newsletter or who attend a Branch

WRAAF in All States known (Double Click to download)

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These WRAAF are looking for WRAAF

Millie Watts was a WRAN Coder who joined the WRAAF 1952/53 – being sought by Joyce Walter (nee Swanson ex-WRAN, 02 9328 0091)
Gwen Cook (nee Gordon) Course 88, LACW CLKE served 2AD Richmond – sought by Margaret Stevenson (nee Fairfull), 07 3869 4652.

Maxine Pearson from Raymond Terrace NSW is looking for her ex-WRAAF friend Sue Nelson. They were in the WRAAF at RAAF Base Wagga Wagga from 1973-75. Sue went to Melbourne and had twins but then they lost contact. Contact Rosemary if you have any information about this ex-WRAAF.